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The campaign to elect Merrie Najimy as MTA President and Max Page as MTA Vice President.

We are running as a team to propel the MTA forward, to reclaim professional autonomy and respect, to intensify the fight against high-stakes testing, to organize to win equal pay for equal work for adjuncts, to assert the dignity and rights to just compensation for ESPs, and to win the Fair Share Amendment to fully fund our public schools, Pre-K through higher education.

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We’d Love to Meet You – Come to an Event!


March 7: 4:30 PM. Springfield Educators Association forum

March 20 & 22: 4:30 PM. Belchertown Forums, Belchertown HS

March 28: 3:15 PM. Quincy Rep Council Meeting. Quincy HS 100 Coddington St.

Let’s Keep Building Our Power

Under the leadership of President Barbara Madeloni, there is a new direction in the MTA, a new approach to what a union is and what it can do.
Because of this, together MTA members have won unprecedented victories:

When we were told we couldn’t, we organized and fought back—winning a landslide victory against Question 2.

We mobilized members and stopped DESE from tying license renewals to student test scores, and then from allowing the Commissioner to get rid of any educator he didn’t like.

We put the “Fair Share” millionaire’s tax amendment on the ballot, so we can win $1 billion or more for public schools and colleges.

We are winning victories at the local and building level for professional respect.

And lots more: we stopped “kindergarten gold,” got more than 100 legislators to sponsor our key MTA legislation for less testing, more funding, improved pay and benefits for adjuncts, and COLA increases for retirees.

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