EDU Social Generates Campaign Excitement

Welcome to the Design Building!

Summer Conference is a great time to meet new people. At the registration table, we heard from members new to the conference, new to MTA, or just curious about us and our campaign. They were intrigued by our primary process and the vision we share for unionism and the MTA. We felt it was important to create a space where members could learn more about our caucus, Educators for a Democratic Union (EDU), and the process by which we selected our candidates, Merrie and Max, for the 2018 elections. To that end, we invited members to a social last night where they could learn about the caucus, our vision, our history, and our future: Merrie and Max as president and vice president of the MTA!

Members share ideas about the union – and society – that they envision

The evening was a terrific experience. Barbara Madeloni led us off with a history of EDU. She described the path from a small group of change agents looking for a more engaged, social justice oriented union to the strong caucus we are today. Merrie followed with her vision for the next generation of EDU leadership, in which ever more members become involved at the local and statewide level, abandoning their fear for hope, leaving isolation and finding solidarity. A union in which we continue to see our power as our relationships with one another rather than power as an invitation to plead our case in the legislature. A union that fights alongside our allies for schools and communities that Massachusetts deserves. The energy in the room was palpable as we all allowed ourselves to imagine the possibilities.

With Summer Conference coming to a close, we hope to keep in touch with all the new faces we saw last night and throughout the week. It was wonderful to meet you all, and to deepen our relationship with those of you we already knew. Enjoy your August!

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