In case you missed Max’s tour of UMass at Summer Conference, you can watch him in this documentary discussing one of the most iconic campus landmarks, Old Chapel. Hear about its long career at the university, its shuttered period, and the decision to bring it back to life.

Something Old Something New

Old Chapel

One of Max’s long standing fights as an educational activist is for free higher education. Like all of us, he’s seen what crippling debt has done to further inequities in our society. He understands the value of a K-16 education and has watched his students become less and less able to afford their time on the campus he knows so well. And while students become less able to afford it, professors are being forced into part time positions that barely amount to a livable wage. It’s clear: public higher ed needs a renovation; the path we’re on is not sustainable except for the very wealthy few.

Fortunately, free public higher education is closer than ever to being a reality. Someday in the near future, we’ll think back and say, “remember in the old days when we all but required a K-16 education for any job but then made the last four years of it impossible for most families? What a terrible time that was!”  Check out Phenom, an organization Max helped create, to learn more about just how close we are to free public higher education in Massachusetts.


Old Chapel now – a testament to what we can do when we decide to invest in our institutions!


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