It’s our job as educators to help students navigate their world, and to protect them as they encounter its dangers. In particular, the safety of our black, brown, Arab, Muslim, Jewish, LGBTQI students and all ethnic and religious minorities will be at risk this year more than ever, and it is incumbent upon us to be prepared to respond.

#CharlottesvilleCurriculum began trending almost immediately after the horrific events unfolded in Virginia. Educators across the country were pooling resources to respond. As Merrie points out, “First… adults need to create safe spaces to talk to each other and support each other to navigate our own feelings and experiences.” We hope that the last days of summer have provided opportunity to process your own thinking with colleagues, friends, and family.

The MTA collected and published a series of resources to help educators prepare themselves in advance of the school year, including think pieces, lesson ideas, and ways to contextualize this moment in history. It’s a great collection to explore as an educator but also just as a person grappling, as we all are, with this moment. As MTA president Barbara Madeloni writes,

“The events in Charlottesville are just one more horrific reminder that we must name racism and white supremacy as part of our history and present, work to dismantle both, and encourage the empathy, sense of justice and moral courage necessary to build a better world for all.”

Merrie and Max are proud to be a part of an MTA that stands strong in opposition to white supremacy and places itself on the front lines of defense for our students and communities that are most threatened.


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