blm logoLast year, educators in Seattle and Philadelphia organized a Black Lives Matter (BLM) week of action in which they which asserted their commitment to the core principles of the BLM movement: restorative justice, empathy, loving engagement, diversity, globalism, collective value, transgender affirming, queer affirming, Black families, Black villages, and Black women. Further,their words and actions affirmed that our mission as educators must include a commitment to naming both the structures that oppress and the vision of the world that is possible when we act together for racial and economic justice.

This year, educators from across the country are organizing participation in a National Black Lives Matter week of action from February 5-9th.  We hope to use this week to articulate our understanding that the lives of Black and Brown students are narrowed by white supremacy, and to reaffirm our commitment to supporting students and families in breaking through those constraints and claiming — for all and each — their place in the world, their voice, their creativity, their joy.

Whether it’s by wearing t-shirts and buttons, implementing lesson plans and curriculum, or attending community meetings, we invite you to participate in this week of action to listen, learn, speak, and act from the hope that collective action represents.

For more information go here.

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