Progress on Fair Share

Max hosts a radio segment – Your State U — Tuesdays on WHMP radio (1400AM) in Northampton. This past Tuesday, UMass President Marty Meehan was his guest.  And for the first time, Meehan publicly endorsed the Fair Share Amendment, the progressive tax amendment that will generate up to $2 billion a year, with public education, pre-k through higher ed, due to get a large portion.  This is a great development.  Hopefully many more college presidents will now fall in line and speak out in favor of the amendment.

You can listen here, starting right at the top of the show.

Max has been on the Steering Committee of Raise Up Massachusetts, the coalition that put forward the Fair Share Amendment, and gathered 150,000 signatures for the effort.  (MTA, with its 30,000 signatures, contributed the largest number of any single organization to the campaign).

Max spoke to the UMass Board of Trustees, echoing MTA higher ed locals who have been vocal urging Meehan and the Trustees to endorse the Fair Share Amendment.

Merrie and Max are ready to lead the campaign to pass the Fair Share Amendment in November, and then win a “fair share of the Fair Share” for the priorities our members have for public schools and colleges.

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